The Hotel

Hotel Heredad de Unanue is quite the discovery. Located smack-dab in the middle of San Sebastian’s green belt, this 15th-16th century building made its place on the map when it was inaugurated in late 2018 as a hotel. Its rooms meld history and design, comfort and style, all in a natural setting just a few minutes from the centre of Donostia. Heredad de Unanue has stood out as one of the best-rated hotels in the city since its christening. Come discover this hidden jewel!


The building’s origins hearken back to the late 15th-, early 16th centuries. Over the years, Unanue has borne witness and suffered ups and downs first-hand, as evidenced by the “scars” on its walls. For example, it was a military hospital during the Carlist Wars, although the most fateful day in its recent history was definitely the fire that devoured its interior in 2003. After this event and a few years of uncertainty, it was reborn as a hotel in September 2018.


Our motto is rest, comfort and satisfaction for the client. The Hotel has eleven rooms, each one decorated in its own way, with a nod to aspects of the Basque culture. Stone walls, wooden and metal pieces and a selection of furniture and trinkets in warm colours that complement one another where history, contemporary design and marked hospitality come together.

Gaure echie da saure echie

Our home is your home


Gaure echie da saure echie

(Our home is your home). At Hotel Heredad de Unanue, we make this old adage, both Basque and universal, our own. For years, it greeted each visitor who travelled across the desert to come to Jordan Valley (Oregon) in the heart of the American West.

The Hotel walls pay tribute to the different generations of Basques who had to leave their home and emigrate over the course of history, especially to the American continent. There are nods to this in our lobby and room decoration, with a marked cultural programme that bears witness to our commitment to share and raise visibility of the Basque diaspora. Each one of the hotel rooms bears a name depicting a trade or activity related to the Diaspora, from “artzain” (shepherd, in USA or Argentina) to “okin” (baker, in Chile and Mexico), and other more generic professions related to entertainment, including “pilotari” and “dantzari”.

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